Eatery/Restaurant/Bakery Manager at a Restaurant and Catering Company

Job Description / Requirements

A fast food restaurant manager is essentially an operations, commercial, sales and business development manager, with ultimate responsibility for safeguarding the operational and financial success of the restaurant and maintaining the reputation of the company.

Job Summary

As the Restaurant Manager, you will work alongside a small team to oversee the overarching aspects of the restaurant, which include planning, preparing and making available a variety of quality and cost effective delicacies, attending to customers professionally, ensuring corporate goals are met, guaranteeing an hygienic environment by ensuring the constant cleaning of all areas, including the dining area and restrooms, ensuring smooth operation of activities in the eatery and maintaining relationships with customers.

Job Duties/Responsibilities

People Management:

  • Partakes in the recruitment of new staff and training and developing existing staff.
  • Motivating and encouraging staff to achieve targets and coordinating staff scheduling and shifts.
  • Working to ensure standards of hygiene are maintained and that the restaurant complies with health and safety regulations.
  • Ensuring high standards of customer service are maintained preparing reports and other performance analysis documentation
  • Reporting to and attending regular meetings with management or head office representatives

Operational management:

  • Organizing stock and equipment.
  • Ordering supplies and overseeing stock utilization.
  • Overseeing building maintenance, cleanliness and security.


  •    Plan and direct all restaurant operations.
  •    Maintain high standards of food, service, health and safety.
  •    Ensure the efficient and profitable business performance of the restaurant and the optimal utilization of staff and resources.
  •    Achieving restaurant’s daily operational objectives. Ensuring a safe, secure and healthy environment is maintained by following and enforcing sanitation standards.
  •     Ensuring maintenance of restaurant ambience by controlling lighting, background music, monitoring food presentation, customer service.
  •     Overseeing all aspects of management including the sales of food and delivery to customers
  •     Ensuring an effective communication of instructions to workers.
  •     Overseeing the sales of food, handling of cash register, packaging of takeaway for delivery, POS machines, resolving customer complaints etc.
  •     Ensuring employees give excellent service to customers.
  •     Ensuring prompt daily opening and closing of restaurant.
  •     Computing daily expenses and daily turnover.
  •     Maintaining a detailed record of vendor supplies, stocks and inventories.
  •     Notifying the appropriate vendors about low stock and restock orders.
  •     General supervision and enforcement of employees duties and responsibilities
  •     In Charge of complete and total operation of catering service which involves managing the catering service during events and dealing with necessary preparation before and after the event.
  •     Managing events booking and communicate with clients before and after events.
  •     Collating a list of requirements, resources, equipment and manpower required for the execution of events.


  • 5-7 years’ experience
  • Tertiary qualification or more preferred
  • Previous experience in food and beverage management
  • In-depth working knowledge of non-alcoholic beverages
  • In-depth working knowledge of food preparation and presentation
  • Experience in staff management and development
  • Knowledge of basic accounting principles and practices
  • Experience in analyzing financial data
  • Knowledge of planning and forecasting
  • Track record of managing inventory and cost control
  • Knowledge of administrative procedures
  • Able to use relevant computer applications
  • Ensure that Health & Safety and Food safety working practices are adhered to at all times
  • Financial planning
  • Develop budget plans and tactics to achieve target.
  • Keep regular contact with customers to obtain feedback on service, food quality and staff friendliness using customer comment cards.
  • Respond to written customer complaints on a weekly basis.
  • Conduct management meetings.
  • Communicate and implement marketing and sales promotions.
  • Manage the implementation of sales building programmes
  • Ensure outstanding customers’ service is delivered every time.

Our Outlet Managers also work as Bakery Managers hence they must possess the following skills:

As the Bakery Manager, your primary responsibility will be to lead, direct and oversee the Bakery administration, operations, sales and marketing activities and ensure that all targets are met and exceeded towards the realization of the vision of the company. He is to ensure that all company resources are constantly on track and that the Bakery is running profitably.


  • Having Good understanding and knowledge of all bread and other pastry production industry processes and best practices.
  • Prepare strategic and operational plans for the bakery to ensure that all necessary tools, processes and systems are in place to meet the requirements of the business and contribute to the achievement of short and long-term goals of the company.
  • Manage and provide oversight for the implementation of any strategy or plan that management decides on.
  • Ensure development, implementation and maintenance of all policies related to operations including; procurement, distribution and asset management.
  • Leading the marketing and merchandising teams to create a wide array of distributors, retailers and implement a seamless distribution network to achieve the daily and monthly sales target of the company on every product.
  • Production planning, Material planning and machinery utilization planning and maintenance is executed, supervised or reviewed by him.

Main Duties                    

  • Production monitoring and follow up day to day production from each line and ensures that production units meet the production target.
  • Training staff to produce high-quality bakery items while following proper food handling procedures.
  • Quality of the finished product: Inspecting bakery items to ensure that established standards on quality, uniformity, and aesthetic appeal are met.
  • Ensures smooth flow of information and material from one department to another. He resolves inter-departmental issues if there is any.
  • Assist and perform other related duties as required.
  • Must be willing to relocate to any location where the company has an outlet (Kaduna, Zaria, Abuja and Ilorin) in Nigeria.

How to Apply | Eatery/Restaurant/Bakery Manager at a Restaurant and Catering Company

Interested and qualified candidates should forward their CV to: and/or using the position as subject of email.

Deadline: Dec 19, 2022


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