What not to include in your cover letter

A cover letter is a one-page letter that goes with your job application.

Unless the job advertisement specifically states otherwise, you should always include a cover letter.

Errors or typos

Always double-check your cover letter for spelling and grammar. It’s even better to have someone else read it and point out any errors or ambiguities.

Friends, family members, your careers teacher, or a careers counsellor at your institution or TAFE are all people you may ask to view your cover letter.

Check everything in your cover letter twice. When mentioning a company’s name, be sure you spell it correctly. If you mention previous jobs, make sure you spell their names correctly as well.

Incorporating your entire resume into your cover letter

You should not copy and paste your CV into your cover letter. Rather than simply repeating content in your resume, try rephrasing it. Keep your cover letter brief and let your CV to tell the entire tale.


Excessive use of ‘I’

Avoid using terms like ‘I believe,’ ‘I have,’ and ‘I am’ too frequently. Remember that it is not about you — it is about how you can assist the employer.

After you’ve finished writing your letter, go over it again and try to remove or rework as many sentences that begin with ‘I’ as you can.

Don’t bring up your previous employment applications.

You’re probably applying for multiple jobs at the same time. It is, however, advisable not to bring up other employment applications. Your letter should seek to persuade the company that you are serious about this position.

Even though most employers will think you’re looking for multiple positions, you don’t have to state it.

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