Global Fund Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist at Nigeria Centre for Disease Control

Global Fund Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist at The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control


Nigeria Centre for Disease Control seeks candidates for the position of Global Fund (GF) C19RM Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist.


Job Description
  • This individual will provide support to NCDC GF Grant Management Unit (GMU) which oversees the NCDC’s Global Fund Grants.
  • The grants include the Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health (RSSH2) and the COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C-19 RM).
  • NCDC seeks a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist to provide technical leadership to develop the program framework, plans, and indicators to capture project performance results and provide effective, accurate, and timely monitoring, evaluation and reporting of all project activities.
  • Lead the tracking, documentation and reporting of C19RM grant implementation progress and results.
  • He/she will also be responsible for generating periodic programme implementing reports and assessment reports, setting up and operationalization of effective monitoring and evaluation system for the C19RM grant.
  • The M&E Specialist will work closely with the M&E team to design, implement and supervise the program’s M&E activities, ensuring that lessons learned are integrated into program implementation to continuously improve quality of interventions and outcomes.
  • The M&E Specialist is responsible for documenting and disseminating program successes and challenges.
  • The overall objective of this position is to set up an operational monitoring and evaluation system for C19RM programme, develop an M & E framework, operational manual and tools to effectively monitor the progress and achievement of the C19RM programme

Specific Objectives
The specific objectives of the assignment are to:

  • Develop an M & E system that aligns with GF guidelines. M & E system should consider:
    • What needs to be measured?
    • What is the most appropriate source of information that needs to be collected?
    • How to collect the information and how often? How to store and analyze data?
  • Produce an M & E framework and operational manual for the NCDC-EMT gateway
  • Formulate a set of relevant, simple and clear indicators to monitor the project outputs. Identify sources of verification
  • Design data collection forms, reporting forms and formats for capturing quantitative and qualitative data
  • Design M & E templates and database for storing information/data for the programme
  • Identify and review M & E needs and establishing necessary practical procedures and measures to operationalize M & E (data collection and processing) for the C19RM Produce a manual that includes the above and guides project coordination in processing, analyzing, evaluating and reporting the information.
  • Develop training package and organize capacity building training of the M & E focal person(s) and PIU team.

Specific Responsibilities
Develop and manage the NCDC C19RM M&E System:

  • Lead M&E and programmatic risk assurance mechanism for data and program quality
  • Manage and lead the development of a risk assurance plan linked to program and data quality including risk mitigation measures and assurance mechanisms.
  • Develop C9RM log-frame; results matrix , indicators and M & E operations manual which will include:Detailed M&E Plan; data management processes/ systems; Data Quality Parameters; how to ensure Data Quality; Indicators and Instruments; Instructions for Completion of Instruments, Quality Control and reporting
  • Coordinate monitoring activities and inputs required of other team members
  • Anticipate, plan and support reporting requirements
  • Adhere to the operation manual and ensure the integrity of the M&E system, including creating tools and databases for the NCDC GF C19RM implementation.
  • Notify the C19RM Grants Manager on a regular basis on the status of indicators and challenges encountered or foreseen for resolution
  • Alert respective Grant Management Unit team members on corrective actions required to avoid delays in implementation, including flagging operational issues and risks requiring timely actions.
  • Provide guidance on resolving bottlenecks related to data collection, reporting and delivery of quality services.
  • Incorporate field and technical team feedback to ensure the continuous improvement of data management systems

Data collection:

Collect and document project activities and progress towards achieving the specified outputs

  • Work with other Grant management Unit (GMU) Team members to monitor and collect relevant data; to be used for assessing monitoring strengths, weaknesses and gaps in grant implementation and for reporting.
  • Collate and analyse data and produce monthly, quarterly and annually or as required for decision making
  • Conduct routine data quality assessments to improve the quality of programme data.

Data analysis and use:

  • Review and analyse data from various sources such as routine data systems, program reviews, evaluations, health facility assessments, surveys and special studies.
  • Ensure use of data for program improvement, efficiencies, and reprogramming.
  • Inform the funding decisions to ensure adequate funds are available for necessary actions.
  • Promote use of data by policy makers and program implementers for effective planning, allocation and utilization of resources.

Write and document M&E reports:

  • Anticipate, plan and support C19RM reporting requirements. Draft monthly summary log, quarterly and annual programme implementation reports, in collaboration with GMU team members for internal and external dissemination
  • Receive and incorporate feedback into the M&E reports from the PR and GF Country Team.
  • Disseminate reports, in appropriate formats, to audiences specified in the manual and others as may be required. Ensure relevant and timely M&E information is provided in user-friendly formats to key stakeholders

Surveys and Evaluation:

  • Liaise with Grants Manager and other Grants management Unit members to ensure that all C19RM activities are implemented in strict adherence to accountability requirements.
  • Lead the conduct relevant evaluations for ongoing grant activities
  • Ensure that GMU team members learn from all evaluations of completed grant activities for improved decision making and adjustments and realignment of grant activities.
  • Lead and/or coordinate assessments, evaluations and performance evaluation tasks including planning and reporting on the same.
  • Assist in the development of TOR for surveys and consultant recruitments/ selection as may be needed.
  • Lead the review of survey reports to ensure quality and accurate reporting.

Learning and Accountability and capacity building:

  • Lead accountability and learning initiatives
  • Lead monitoring review and evaluation of components of the C19RM grant.
  • Promote and guide quality in the implementation of C19RM activities, and ensure critical gaps are identified and addressed
  • Coordinate monitoring activities and inputs required of other team members

Other duties:

  • Collaborate and supervise the RSSH 2 M & E officer, M & E support staff and data collectors and adhoc data entry persons
  • Lead the participation of monthly, quarterly, annual or other termly C19RM grant review and workshops
  • Suggest M&E strategies to GMU team members for improving efficiency and effectiveness of grant implementation.
  • Assist in coordinating and implementing programme activities
  • Perform other duties as required.
Qualifications / Requirements
  • Master’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health, Statistics, Information Technology, Computer Science, Economics, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Demography or any other related field.
  • A minimum of 7 years of relevant experience (3 years for holders of relevant Masters degree) in monitoring and evaluating complex large or long-term development projects in health sector.Proven expertise in quantitative and qualitative methodologies, operations research, health management information systems, reporting, data quality assessments, data analysis and presentation and setting up and managing M&E systems that track performance as per the objectives
  • Experience in developing M&E frameworks, policies, tools, and guidance.
  • Strong experience in data processing and analysis, writing comprehensive reports, and presentation of results and recommendations to diverse audience.
  • Great interpersonal and communication (oral and written) skills and the ability to work well within a multi-cultural environment.
  • In-depth experience in broader public health with a strong development orientation backed with excellent management capabilities.
  • Highly motivated and takes initiative in managing work, self and others
  • Knowledge of M&E methods, the logical framework approach and planning strategies
  • Good understanding of quantitative and qualitative research methods.
  • Experience of planning and implementing M&E systems
  • Demonstrated experience of statistical packages and/ or data analysis software (e.g. SPSS, Excel, Epi Info) and advanced computer skills (word-processing, spread sheets, and databases) are essential
  • Experience of monitoring Donor projects especially GF supported projects is desirable
  • Solid understanding and experience of strategic, organizational and management issues.
  • Solid understanding of Global Fund processes and the Global Fund New Funding Model.

Technical Competencies:

  • Ability to apply sound knowledge of M&E, public health and disease program management, to inform investment decisions of the Global Fund
  • Ability to apply sound knowledge and understanding of M&E tools, policies and guidelines, to ensure effective implementation of M&E-related activities
  • Ability to solve complex issues with minimum guidance and supervision, and to adapt policy and guidance to the country reality and context
  • Ability to take the lead in solving complex issues. Adapt policy and guidance to the reality and context.

Agency-wide Competencies (for all NCDC Staff):
Rooted in the mission, values, and guiding principles of NCDC and used by each staff member to fulfil his or her responsibilities and achieve the desired results.

  • Integrity
  • Continuous Improvement & Innovation
  • Builds Relationships
  • Develops Talent
  • Strategic Mindset
  • Accountability & Stewardship.


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CLOSING DATE:30th June 2022

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